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Oh, the things I'd like to do to Art Eckman...

So, did anyone here watch the Outdoor Channel's coverage of the World of Outlaws last season. As much as I loved having WoO races on TV every week, the coverage left a lot to be desired:

- Art Eckman should be strung up behind Workin' Woody and dragged around Eldora until he learns something, ANYTHING, about sprint car racing. It was amazing how many stupid things he would say, or how many times he would misidentify a car or battle for position - especially since the commentary is recorded after the race is over. If it was live, I could see it, but on a taped show? Lay off the sauce for a night, come in sober, and do the play-by-play. (Not that I'm implying that Art Eckman is an alcoholic. Although I'm sure he is...)

- Poor Brad Doty. He's a really good color guy, but working with Eckman is like trying to swim with a 50 lb anchor tied to you. He has to spend so much time correcting Eckman's mistakes that he really can't do any commentary.

- The Outdoor Channel might want to invest in a little more technology than a Sony camcorder. The video quality is just awful, like the "track footage" that gets sent into Speed Channel for the highlight shows. It's not going to help promote the WoO as a big ticket entertainment venue for families if the production values on the broadcasts look so third rate.

- Watching how high-quality Speed Channel's coverage of Knoxville was this year made me sad, because there's no reason the WoO can't be covered like that every week.
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