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Dirt Tracking in the Carolinas

Hi fellow dirt lovers! I'm Melissa. I live in NC, and go to Lancaster Motor Speedway in Lancaster, SC to get my dirt fix! I currently am in MS caring for a relative who's got terminal cancer, but I have someone sending me tapes of the races every week. Yeah, I got it THAT bad.

We have the BEST racing I've ever seen at our little track. Feel free to check out their website at . We also have a blast discussing our drivers and such at and it CAN get heated sometimes. lol

I sell 50/50 at the track and am fortunate enough to know several of the drivers, crews and family. Our fans are the best around so if you're ever in the area, CHECK US OUT. We run on Saturday nights. Our "Super Stock" drivers are THE BEST..........Brandy Baker, Timbo Mangum, Frankie McGuire. No others from any other tracks can touch them. It's amazing. Our regular Late Model drivers are Randy Smith (who's toured nationally on the circuit), Rambo (occasionally--he's also toured nationally) and Mike (The Flintstone Flyer) Duvall. THIS man is supposedly the OLDEST DIRT TRACK DRIVER THERE IS. He's AMAZING. Check him out at

Just checking this out to see what's going on in the rest of the dirty world!


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