Roach (mr_wally) wrote in dirttrackracing,

So thats how this works, eh?

Ok, my pollock self just figure out how ya post to this stuff, im too redneck to get thrown a curve ball like joing these things. Anyway, i'm the fella around these parts known as Roach, or Roachclip if you're cool with that, or a stoner, to each his own. Anyway, huge racin fan and i'm all about the local dirt tracks, duh. Why else would I join this. Well now that i've stated the obvious lets continue.

I'm currently in the hunt for a car because I plan on racing this coming summer. I've plotted this for the past year and i'm going to do it this summer. If anyone out there in TV land has any suggestions feel free to shoot them my way. I plan on running Street-Stock at the dirt track Beckley Motor Speedway in Beckley, WV. And i'm a chevy guy, so dont be suggesting anything stupid like Ford. I got no problem with the Ford guys, but i dont fly the blue shield, thats my only thing.

So, yea I reckun thats it, this is my halfassed introduction, enjoy.
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